Personnel database of CV-Online

Establishing, development and maintenance of the largest online personnel and recruitment medium in Central and Eastern Europe:

  • CV database and search engines
  • Database of job offers and applying for job
  • CV processing tools, comparison, assessment, ranking etc.
  • Content management web tools
  • Web-based testing and interviewing systems
  • Training database, course calendar etc.

Web-based testing environment

  • Online testing and result management,
  • In integrating testing medium with CVO the web-based system of payment and account settlement was added.

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Photo services Nagi, Fotoalbum ja Album.ee, video service Toru, social network service Keskus

  • Over 150000 user account and over 130 visitors per week
  • More than 35 millions photos uploaded
  • Very scalable web solutions
  • OpenSocial, Facebook API and other social connectivities

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Advertising network Oi!

  • Automated and intelligent ad network
  • User behaiviour analyzis

Talendipank - web-based recruitment software

Software for selecting candidates and recruitment projects meant for medium-sized and large-scale companies.

  • Management of life cycle of personnel project
  • Automatic assessment and comparison of CVs
  • Electronic collection of additional information
  • Communication means
  • Searches
  • Archiving
  • Time planning etc.

CVO web-based sales management software

  • Registration of clients, sales opportunities and contacts
  • Issue of invoices, payment monitoring
  • Statistics and analyses (incl. for accounting) etc.

Web-based system of direct mail and newsletters

  • Preparing of letters in different format and coding
  • Management of letter templates
  • Import and management of data of target group
  • Interface of subscription and cancelling of newsletters to the website
  • Statistics on letter opening and clicking

Information system of property valuation, automatic preparation of valuation report

  • Registration of works, transactions and clients
  • Preparation and issue of valuation report
  • Analysis and statistics
  • Searches, different links to registry
  • File management etc.